The Music Machine, You came along when everything was wrong and put a song in my heart.

Hi to everyone

After you're Totally 80's and Bear's Lair fix, I hope you can join me, Brian Hartgen, on Saturday at 7 PM UK time, 2 PM Eastern for the Music Machine.

In hour 1 I have the regular mix of good music spanning the decades, your requests if you send them in, and the usual features.
In the Vinyl Countdown, we have one of my singles from the 1970's.
In Not Now, I'm Listening, it's a complete contrast. Unusually for this show, it's a song from just last year, 2015. It's definitely a story with a twist in the tale. It is not what you would expect!

Kicking Off The Weekend

Hi Everybody. It is a true saying that there is no pain without gain. After going through the pain and stress of the busy working week that was, Friday is almost here. The gain is that the weekend is almost upon us. What a nice feeling that is. The pain of the Alarm Clock and the boss, will be replaced by good things, such as having the freedom to do whatever you choose. I’d love it if you’d like to kick off your weekend, with me, Brian D, On Friday at 7 PM in Ireland and the UK, that’s 2 PM Eastern.

Our Time Scores Four Goals!

Hi everyone

While I'm on the air for the Music Machine today, I hope you can join me tomorrow for the show, Our Time, at 5 PM UK, 12 PM Eastern. Music and memories from the 60's and 70's.

A lot of historic music events took place on 4 September, and I'll tell you about those. We also have the A to Z of Pop, focusing on the letter B. We'll hear some songs starting with that letter, but it's the stories behind them that we're also interested in.

Should the Music Machine Have a Different Name?

Hi everyone

I hope you can join me, Brian Hartgen, on Saturday at 7 PM in the UK, 2 PM on the East Coast of America, for 2 hours of fantastic music, and a little learning into the bargain.

In hour 1, I have music from the 80's back to the 40's and 50's this week.

In "The Vinyl Countdown", playing a song from my record collection, we have a nice scratchy song from 1967. It's a Northern Soul classic but did not perform too well on the singles chart. It's a great one.

In "Not Now, I'm Listening", we hear a song about friendship. It's a real rave from the grave.

Your Weekend Will Begin, Right On Time

Hi everybody. The time you know and love is fast approaching. On Friday, when the Clock strikes 7 PM exactly, in Ireland and the UK, that’s 2 PM if you’re on the East Coast of America, your weekend will begin. I will be here, live from Dublin Town, on the East Coast of Ireland, to bring another week to a close, and welcome the first weekend of September. Two hours of feel good music, and friendly banter will do the trick, to rid you from the stress of the busy week, and get you on track for the weekend ahead.

I Ain't Married to a Hard Headed Woman Called Lay Down Sally!

Hi everyone

The weekend is approaching fast, and for those of us living in the UK, it's a three-day weekend! So do join me for the Music Machine on Saturday, 7 PM UK time, 2 PM US Eastern.

In hour 1, there's a wide range of music spanning the decades, including our feature "The Vinyl Countdown", a song played straight from my record collection. This time, it's a classic hit from 1983!

It's Time To Welcome The Weekend

Hi everybody. When Friday comes around, that is the signal that begins the closure of the busy working week. We have that Friday feeling in our bones and we are thinking of the weekend ahead. When the clock strikes 7 PM in Ireland and the UK, that’s 2 PM Eastern, Brian D, live from Dublin Town on the East Coast of Ireland will have the green light for your Welcome To The Weekend to begin.

Where Were You in 73?

Hi everyone

On Sunday at 5 PM UK time, 12 PM US Eastern, I'll be along with Our Time, the show where we relive the golden days of the 60's and 70's particularly.

As well as playing some top tunes from those decades, I will share with you historical musical events from the period. Together, we'll also relive the highlights of the chart from this week in 1973, and hear extracts from the news events, TV adverts and movies from the year. Do you have favourite songs from 73? Do let me know.

The Music Machine, When We Were Young.

Hi everyone

I hope you will be able to join me, Brian Hartgen, on Saturday at 7 PM UK time, 2 PM Eastern, for the Music Machine!

In hour 1, it's our usual box of delights where anything goes. But I do have the regular features for you:
"The Vinyl Countdown", where I play a song straight from my record collection. This time, we have a hit which entered the charts in March of 1969.
In "Not Now, I'm Listening", where we listen to the words of a song more carefully than usual, we hear about someone who is desperate to be at the top of the charts.

Welcome To The Weekend, Let The Fun Begin

Hi Everyone. On Friday at 7 PM in Ireland and the UK, that’s 2 PM Eastern, it will be time for me, Brian D, to take you away from the busy week that was, and Welcome you to the Weekend. Fun is the name of the game, and I’ll get your weekend off on the right track, with 2 hours of feel good music, mixed with plenty of friendly banter and fun. After all, good music and laughter are key to begin the weekend.


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