Welcome To The Weekend, Let The Fun Begin

Hi Everyone. On Friday at 7 PM in Ireland and the UK, that’s 2 PM Eastern, it will be time for me, Brian D, to take you away from the busy week that was, and Welcome you to the Weekend. Fun is the name of the game, and I’ll get your weekend off on the right track, with 2 hours of feel good music, mixed with plenty of friendly banter and fun. After all, good music and laughter are key to begin the weekend.

The Music Machine Says, Bop-shu-waddy.

Hi everyone

Another edition of the Music Machine comes your way tomorrow at 7 PM UK time, 2 PM Eastern.

In hour 1 we have the usual features, and your requests if you care to send them in for any song you would like!

We'll have "the Vinyl Countdown", playing a song direct from my record collection. This week, we go back to May of 1967.

"Not Now, I'm Listening", will also be part of the show, where we listen to the lyrics of the song more carefully than usual.

Welcome To The Weekend, I Can't Stop The Feeling

Hi everyone. On Friday, at 7 PM in Ireland and the UK, that’s 2 PM Eastern, it will be time for me, Brian D, to officially give the Green Light for your Weekend to begin. No matter where you are, or what you’re doing, I will have 2 hours of the very best in feel good music and friendly banter, to fill you with that weekend feeling.
All the regular features will be here for you to enjoy and participate in if you wish such as:
• Kick-Start. The track that sets the pace for the weekend ahead. Green means go, and this tune from 2012, gives the signal for the weekend to begin.

Starting in September, it's the Zone with Anne Cosgrove!

We're always pleased to bring new personalities to Team-FM. Starting in September each Saturday, Anne Cosgrove will present the Zone, a weekly two-hour show you will not want to miss.

Our Time is Always a Good Time with a Gilbert O'Sullivan Profile!

Hi everyone

I hope you can be with me on Sunday at 5 PM UK time, 12 PM Eastern, for Our Time, where we go back to the golden days of the 60's and 70's.

Hour 1 is very much dominated by the 60's this week. A good number of significant musical events which took place on 7 August happened in the 60's. I'll be talking about those, and reliving the memories of 1964: the music, memories, news events and the excellent movies.

The Music Machine Says, Be Patient, You Will Get There!

Hi everyone

I hope you can join me, Brian Hartgen, for this week's Music Machine on Team-FM, Saturday at 7 PM UK time, 2 PM US Eastern!

Welcome to the Weekend, We Will Have A Good Time

Hi everyone. Have you had a busy week? Trying to beat the Clock to meet those deadlines? Have you had about ten people all looking for your attention at the same time? All of which just fills your head and body with stress. No matter what type of week you’ve had, on Friday at 7 PM in Ireland and the UK, that’s 2 PM Eastern, it will be time for me, Brian D, to welcome you to the Weekend. I’ll have 2 hours of feel good music, blended with friendly banter to wipe away all that stress, and if you can join me, I promise to give you a good time.

Our Time is a Good Time!

Hi everyone

Do join me for Our Time at 5 PM today in the UK, 12 PM Eastern. This is where we relive the golden days of the 60's and 70's predominantly. As well as that, we look back at significant musical events on this day in previous years, there's quite a few this week, and for some of hour 2, we go back to 1979. You'll hear the music, the news events, and about the movies.

There are plenty of ways to listen, from our website, our Facebook page, or our app for I O S devices. Just tap the app!

Welcome to the Weekend, I Can't Wait For It To Begin

Hi everyone. We are almost at the end of another busy working week. The weekend is well and truly closing in, and I just can’t wait for it to begin. Tomorrow, at 7 PM in Ireland and the UK, that’s 2 PM Eastern, the wait will be over and I look forward to being with you all, to Welcome you to the Weekend. Broadcasting live from Dublin Town on the East Coast of Ireland, I will have 2 hours of feel good music, and friendly banter for you to enjoy. The only medicine to set you up for the weekend ahead. It’s a 3 day weekend in this part of the world, so the level of excitement is rising.

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