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Wishing You a Merry Disney Princess Christmas!

Who was the first Disney princess? Which character was the first Disney princess to attend a ball? Which was the first disney princess to be non-human? And who was the first Disney princess to change hair colour?

You may know the answer to some of these questions already, but you'll certainly find out, and hear many of the songs associated with Disney princess movies, if you tune into the show hosted by Lulu and I this Saturday at 7 PM UK time, 2 PM US Eastern, on Team-FM!

It's Time for a Christmas Chuckle: The Annual Music Machine Christmas Novelty Special!

Hi to all

There are countless songs attributed to Christmas and the Holiday Season, both traditional and contemporary, that have become standards or classics over the years. When the stresses of the festive season get to be too much, and you've tired of Christmas songs, it may be time for a change. How about tuning into our Christmas novelty songs special this Saturday on Team-FM to hear something a little different? It all happens at 7 PM UK time which is 2 PM US Eastern.

The Music Machine Attacks the Hits with a Festive Twist!

Hi to all

The Music Machine is back at the usual time of 7 PM UK on Saturday, 2 PM US Eastern. I hope you can join me for the fun and good music! We always have a good time!

As usual, we're feature packed in the show.

Compilation albums of the past. This time, I play songs from (and talk about) Hits 3 and Chart Attack.

The Music Machine says "Stop Right Now, Thank You Very Much"!

Hi to all

The Music Machine is back on the air once again for a show packed with features, tomorrow at the usual time of 7 PM in the UK, that is 2 PM US Eastern.

It's Thanksgiving weekend in the US, so we'll start with a couple of "thank you" songs, and there's all the usual features.

We've got Golden Years, spending 15 minutes each hour looking at the music from this week, we'll hear TV adverts, movie clips and news events. This time, it's 1988 in hour 1 and 1974 in hour 2.

Do you Need an 80's Music Fix? Check Out Ultimate 80's!

Hi everyone

Sadly Brian D cannot be on air this Friday for Welcome to the Weekend, so I hope you can join me, Brian Hartgen, for Ultimate 80's. It would be great if you did!

This isn't just a regular show playing 80's music, although that would be cool. It's also feature-filled as you would expect from us, including an 80's music quiz, 12 inch singles, remembering events which happened on November 24 from the decade, and we'll remember the movies through audio clips too.

The Music Machine: Now That's What I Call a Moment in Love!

Hi to all

I'm back on the air live this Saturday at 7 PM UK time, 2 PM US Eastern, for the Music Machine! Did you miss me? No don't answer that.

OK so what have we got. We're the station where great music matters, so I've got all the usual music-based features.

Vinyl Countdown, playing a song from my record collection. This week we say, "I Got You".

The Music Machine is Court in the Act!

Hi to all

I hope you can join me for the Music Machine later today at 7 PM UK time!

This week we have a theme. If you were hosting a party of lawyers, which songs would you choose? Would you be guilty of Love in the First Degree, or would you be a Smooth Criminal?
Find out which songs I've chosen for our Lawyers' party!

The Music Machine Says: We Love You!

Hi to everyone

I hope you can join me for a show packed full of features on Saturday at 7 PM UK which this week is at 3 PM US Eastern! The Music Machine is back!

The Music Machine: All Treats, No Tricks!

Hi to all

Do join me if you can for the Music Machine on Saturday at 7 PM UK which is 2 PM US Eastern, at

This time, we celebrate Halloween. Whether you're preparing to party, trick or treat, or just get plain scary, I have plenty of killer song suggestions for you to think about. After all, before you shimmy into your costume, you have to first set the mood. I think I can do that with our Halloween songs.

The Stars are Shining on the Music Machine!

Hi everyone

I hope you can join me tomorrow, Saturday, for the Music Machine at 7 PM UK time which is 2 PM US Eastern, on Team-FM! You can listen to us on the web, using your favourite media player, using the player on our Facebook page, within iTunes, in many radio directories including Shoutcast, Amazon Alexa, and our dedicated apps for IOS and Android.

I'd love to play any song suggestions you'd like to make, but I do have lots of features as always.


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