Frequently Asked Questions!

Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions. Do check back often as we add the answers to more queries we receive!

Q. What kind of music and programmes can I hear on Team-FM?

A. As you can see on our Schedule page, currently we have a range of music spanning the past sixty years divided into ten categories. We call this "the Ten in One Team Machine". Please take a look at The Team Machine page on this site to find out more! During the week you can hear hand picked music 24 hours a day with no interruptions, no commercials, no speech. We’re here for you all day long, for study, travel or perhaps while you work. The music is some of the best ever recorded and the sound is second to none.

At the weekend the great music goes on, but you’ll also be able to hear top quality programmes from some of the world's most legendary broadcasters in the mainstream radio industry, together with documentaries on groups and artists who have made our lives memorable.

Q. Can I listen to Team-FM on my computer?

A. Absolutely. There are many ways to do this. From our "Click and Play Page", you can listen to Team-FM using your favourite media player. Alternatively, use the player built into the page, "Click and Play", to hear us direct from your internet browser. What could be easier!

The cool thing is that Team-FM uses port 80. Streams which use this port are usually available in the workplace, so chances are that you'll be able to enjoy everything we offer while you work. But don't tell the boss! On second thoughts, do tell the boss, he might want to listen as well!

Q. If my access to the internet is slow, this means I may not be able to listen to Team-FM as much as I would like. Can you do anything about that?

A. Don't worry, we have you covered. Team-FM's primary stream, such as the one listed on our website for Winamp, is encoded at 64K. What does that mean?

Many internet radio stations send their stream to the internet at 128K or higher. We're using half the bandwidth for Team-FM, but please do not think this means lower quality. We use an audio format called AAC. As you will hear if you tune in, the audio reproduction is fantastic!

Q. If it's so good, why do you need a 128K MP3 stream as well?

A. Some audio players are just, so, last decade, and haven't quite caught up yet. For example, the TuneIn web player can only relay the AAC format using the Google Chrome browser. But it works fine with the platform for their mobile apps. So to attempt to accommodate everyone, we have two streams.

Q. What about listening on a mobile device?

A. No problem. We are working hard to ensure Team-FM is listed in as many radio directories as possible. "Here's a list of where we are!",

If there is a directory where you would like to see us listed, please let us know by sending an email to You can also let us know on Twitter or Facebook and we'll follow it up.

Q. Can I listen direct from your Facebook page?

A. Indeed you can. You will find two ways to listen.

The Team-FM Facebook Player is similar in style to those which you will find on Facebook pages of many radio stations around the world. It will tell you the title of the currently playing song. It will start playing automatically as soon as you click the Team-FM Player link. Please note that it is likely to work only with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and modern browsers.

As an alternative, in the "About" section of our page, you will find a link which will let you hear us using your default media player.

So, head on over to our Facebook Page and like us! We'd appreciate it!

Q. Do you have an app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch?

A. Yes indeed we do! Just search for Team-FM in the App Store or visit the Team-FM Store Page!

Q. I heard an awesome track about an hour ago, but I didn't get to see the title and artist. Can I go back and have a look?

A. You can. Not only do we take pride in the great music we play but also in everything we do. This means that you will always see the title of a song being played together with its artist name. These can be seen on our Home Page. Using a Twitter client, feel free to bring up a timeline for TeamFMTracks. The details of every song and artist are sent to Twitter, 24 hours a day. So you can always go back through the song history to find the one you are looking for.

Q. I want to buy a song I've heard. Can you make it easy for me to do that?

A. Definitely. Feel free to "Browse our playlists on Spinitron.", You can find a song which has been played on any day and in any hour, and go straight to iTunes or Amazon to buy it.

Q. Will the music library at Team-FM be updated?

A. Every single week. We're constantly adding new tracks, not only to the Pop, Hits and One machines, but also to other categories. If we hear a song from the sixties for example that we've forgotten about, and it's good, we'll be sure to add it. Do you have suggestions? Please let us know by writing to

Q. I do see a lot of tweets on my Twitter timeline relating to internet radio shows hosted by people I follow. How will you handle your Twitter traffic?

A. Any announcements we make about Team-FM activity will be restricted to our Twitter account, blog, Facebook page and Email list. If and when anyone presents a live show in the future, where the audience is encouraged to engage with the presenter, we will ask that listeners tweet the Team-FM Twitter account. Please do follow our Twitter account, @team_fm_radio, to join in a conversation, although our radio presenters will be able to succinctly summarise any comments received on Twitter, so you won't miss out on the conversation. This is radio after all!

Q. Will I still be able to follow my favourite presenters on Twitter?

A. Of course you can. Should presenters come on board, their personal Twitter details will be listed on their webpage where applicable.

Q. How can I contact the station if the stream goes down, or if I have a comment or suggestion?

A. If the stream goes down we’d appreciate hearing about it, because although we endeavour to monitor the station as much as possible, we can’t listen 24/7 and the sooner we know about a problem the sooner we can fix it. Also, no radio station can ever afford to be complacent. There are always ways we can improve our service, so we’d love to hear what you think.

You can always get in touch by writing to or you can write to the station manager, Lulu Hartgen, at We look forward to hearing from you.