A Tribute to Bobby Vee, we loved him more than we can say.

Hi everyone

We cannot remember another year where so many well-known celebrities and stars have passed away, which has been the case during 2016. this week, another of our rock and pop legends has gone.

Bobby Vee had everything: a 'cute' look, youthful appeal, and he made good pop records.
he undoubtedly was a teen idol in the early 1960s. According to Billboard magazine, he had thirty-eight Hot 100 chart hits, ten of which reached the Top 20.[
he had 10 chart hits in the UK beginning in 1961.

Bobby Vee released over 25 albums, some of which have recently been remastered, and until he retired due to ill health he was always warmly welcomed during his tours both in his homeland and overseas, especially here in the UK.

Sadly, Bobby Vee passed away on Monday, and so for an hour, we'll learn about his music and career. There will be minimal narration from me. I do not need to provide much as Bobby will tell his own story. You'll hear how he came to record all of his hits and some B sides too. Find out about them as well as why he suddently came into the limelight in the late 50's.

I'll have all the usual show features in hour 1, but if you want to find out about a sixties icon who had the friendliest of personalities, do join me, Brian Hartgen, for the Music Machine, at 7 PM UK which is 2 PM US Eastern on Saturday.