The Music Machine is On the Road Again!

Hi everyone

I'm well and truly back in the saddle again presenting the Music Machine on Team-FM, but horses are not our musical subject this week!

Tomorrow, Saturday at 7 PM UK time, 2 PM Eastern, I'll be playing songs about cars, bicycles and motorbikes. So whether you want to take part in a bicycle race, or you're on the Road to Hell, I'm interested in your song suggestions.

And the songs you choose do not need to have those words in the title. The coolest song title I found was, "I'm Going to Park Myself in Your Arms". We won't be playing that one, but it's a great example.

Do send your suggestions to, or tweet @TeamFMRadio. You can also like our Facebook page,

That's the Music Machine this Saturday, where I'll try not to drive you mad!

Brian Hartgen