The Music Machine says: Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers!

Hi everyone

I hope you can join me for the Music Machine this Saturday at the usual time of 7 PM UK, which is 2 PM US Eastern!

The theme this week? It's all about alliteration. Song titles where each word begins with the same letter. Let me give you some examples. Sunshine Superman. Pipes of Peace. Maggie May. You get the idea. If you can think of song titles which fit into that category, I'd like to hear them! You've got a day to think about it.

I have the usual features too. In the Vinyl Countdown, where I play a song from my record collection, we'll go back to 1961. And in Golden Years, where we spend 15 minutes each hour looking at this week in a particular year, it is 1981 in hour 1 and 1973 in hour 2, good years for music!

If you'd like to suggest a song, whether it fits into the theme or not, do email, or use Facebook or Twitter, TeamFMRadio is what you need there.

That's the Music Machine this Saturday, where I'll show you the Principles of Plain and Perfect Pronunciation! Do tune in!

Brian Hartgen