You've Struck Gold, It's Sunday Gold!

Sunday is the day where we hear music from the past on Team-FM. How many of us like to read the Sunday papers, have a coffee or maybe dance around the kitchen as we wait for the Sunday roast to cook? You can still do all of that in the company of Team-FM, especially if you love your oldies.

At 10 AM UK, 5 AM US Eastern, Sunday Gold gives you the chance to hear songs from the 50's and 60's. From the up tempo tracks to get you dancing through to the slow ballads and love songs, we'll take you back to some of the greatest music ever made.

Not only that, but we'll even play some of those radio jingles you would have heard at the time, just to recreate that golden atmosphere.

It's a treat for lovers of the 50's and 60's each and every Sunday on Team-FM, the station where great music matters! Tune in! It's a golden opportunity!