Will the Music Machine be on tomorrow? How Will I Know?

Hi everyone

I hope you can join me tomorrow for the Music Machine, 7 PM in the UK which is 2 PM US Eastern.

Lots to come in the show. At the start I'll be playing songs from 1982 and 1983, there's the Vinyl Countdown playing a single from my record collection, and "Not Now, I'm Listening", where we focus on the lyrics of a particular song. It's a great one this week!

In the theme in hour 2, it's song titles which ask a question. Whitney Houston wondered "How Will I Know?" The Beach Boys asked "Wouldn't It Be Nice?" And The Who wanted to know "Who Are You?" If you can think of any song titles containing questions, do let me know. I'll not only play the song but tell you about it too. Johnny Nash told us there were more questions than answers. I guess tomorrow we'll find out if he's right.

You can send an email to brian@team-fm.com, or use Twitter or Facebook, TeamFMRadio. You can hear the show directly from our website, our Facebook Player or maybe try our dedicated app for I O S devices! Just search for Team-FM in the app store. Go on, you know you want to!

That's the Music Machine tomorrow, and you never know, we may find the way to San Jose!

Brian Hartgen