All Afloat! The Music Machine is Rolling Down the River.

Hi everyone

I hope you can join me for this week's Music Machine on Team-FM, Saturday, at 7 PM UK time, 2 PM Eastern.

As usual, anything goes in hour 1, so if there's a particular song you would like to hear, do let me know. If we've got it, which we usually have, I'll play it!

I do have the Vinyl Countdown, playing a single or LP track, this week going back to 1978.

In hour 2, it's our theme, where I not only play you the songs but tell you about them as well. This week, it's all about boats. So any songs with boats, ships or rivers in the title, or maybe about them, I'd love to receive your suggestions. I've been a bit sneaky with one or two of these and you may not be expecting them, but they are in line with the theme! Honestly!

Do send any requests to by email or use Facebook and Twitter, TeamFMRadio.

So that's the good ship Music Machine, which sets sail on the ally ally oh, right before Brian D and the Inside Track!

Brian Hartgen