It's a Vinyl Countdown Special on the Music Machine!

Hi everyone

I hope everything is going well for you with the Christmas preparations.

During my show each week, we have a feature called the Vinyl Countdown, where I play a song direct from a record. It could be a single or an album track.

For at least the first hour of tomorrow's Music Machine, at 7 PM UK, 2 PM US Eastern, every song you hear will come from a record. We'll dust them off and give them a spin. You'll hear songs from groups such as E L O, Abba, the Beach Boys, Men Without Hats and I'll throw in some festive tunes too.

For the remainder of the show in hour 2, I'll continue telling you about the writing and recording of some of the best Christmas songs ever made.

Do feel free to get in touch using the Email address of, or using Facebook and Twitter. TeamFMRadio is the username.

There are so many ways to listen: radio directories, our website, the player on our Facebook page, our app for I O S devices. Do choose one of those ways!

We're spinning round like a record and getting closer to Christmas on Team-FM!
Brian Hartgen