The Promo Crew!

Here at Team-FM we pride ourselves on good promotional material. We are constantly updating our promos to keep them fresh. In addition to the voices of the presenters you will hear the voices of a set of radio cartoon characters which we have created. These we call the promo crew. The more you listen, the more you'll get to know who's who, but to help you, here are some pictures and a little bit of info about each one.

Bert the Leprechaun.

Bert is our piece of Team-FM good luck. He may look like a toddler, but there are some very grown-up brains in that little head. He likes to sing, and nothing pleases him better than telling you about programs or the stationin song, especially when he's duetting with Lulu.

Bert the Leprechaun

Tealy the Elf.

Tealy is our Team-FM glamour girl, she is very proud of those big ears of hers. She has a high voice with a classy accent which makes her instantly recognisable.

Tealy The Elf

Jeanie the Geanae.

Meet the Team-FM mischief maker! With her leather jacket, big hair and southern drawl she's a sassy little package. You can hear her rocketing about, usually tormenting poor Robby, but she can be helpful too at times.

Jeanie the Geanae

Robby the Redneck.

Robby might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he has a witty way with words and a lovely accent. He is sorely henpecked by his wife Martha and he often needs Jeanie to help him out of some mess or other, which makes for great radio fun!

Robby the Redneck

The team-FM promo crew is designed by Lulu Hartgen and illustrated by Scott Clark.