Welcome to a Festive Weekend

Hi everyone. Now that the Festive season is in full swing, it would be described by many people as a wonderful time of the year. A time when friends meet up, parties are taking place and people are getting ready to finish work and celebrate the holiday season with their families. On Friday at 7PM in Ireland and the UK, or 2PM Eastern, I’d love it if you could join me, Brian D, as I welcome you to the last Weekend before the Christmas holidays. I will have 2 hours of feel good music including Christmas tunes, and friendly banter to get you ready for the Weekend.

Our usual features will be here for you to enjoy too:
• Kick-Start. The track that sets the pace for the Weekend ahead. We’ll hear a tune that first appeared on an Album in 1963, but didn’t chart as a Single in the UK until 2007. It’s a big Festive Favourite.
• the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. This is where we hear three versions of the same song by three different artists. I invite you to tell me which one is Good, Bad or Ugly. By request, we’ll hear a Festive track first heard in 1934.
• Weekend Rewind. Taking you back to good things that you did in times gone by. There are many songs that show their face around this time of year, that remind us of Christmas but aren’t necessarily Christmas songs. They may have been in the charts at this time of year, or maybe they just have a Christmas ring to them, but don’t mention anything about Christmas. If there any tunes that fit this, that remind you of this time of year, you’re welcome to share them with me if you’d like too.
• The One That Got Away. A track that is not often heard on Radio. We’ll hear an Album track that appeared in 1988, by an artist who sadly is no longer with us.

If you’d like to contact the show at any time, you can and I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to Email, briand@team-fm.com
Or through Twitter and Facebook, @TeamFMRadio.

The show can be heard in many different places including:
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Why not start your Weekend off by tuning into the show that promises to give you that feel good factor, on the Station where Great Music Matters, right before Pat Sharp keeps it going when he takes to the airwaves and plays All The Hits. Only on the wonderful Team Fm.