The Music Machine and Our Time!

The Music Machine!

For Your Ears Only!

Most people enjoy listening to music of all kinds. Many want to know about the songs they are listening to or to hear tracks which are not part of general radio playlists. If you are one of those people, look no further than the Music Machine, each Saturday at 7 PM UK time, (2 PM US Eastern)!

For two hours each week, I'll do my very best to present an interesting musical mix from different genres. Short but informative voice-breaks are what you'll hear presenting the facts about the music as we go. Previous shows have included:

  • Box of Delights. This is exactly what it says. You can choose a song from any genre from the large music library from the 1920's to the present day.
  • Themed Shows. The Music Machine has been heard on a small number of internet radio stations during the past seven years and the themed shows are very popular. You can choose a song which fits into the week's musical theme. Previous themes have included novelty songs, music tracks containing place names, Songs about strong women, music about travelling, one word titles, story songs, songs with household items or furniture forming part of the title, to name but a few.
  • Artist Profiles and Specials. This is where I will talk about the career of an artist or group. But also I will play rare recordings which you may not have heard before. Previous artists have included Jim Reeves, John Denver, Madness, Stevie Nicks, Dean Friedman, Gilbert O'Sullivan, Lea Salonga, Michael Jackson and many many others. A programme which received a good deal of reaction was a special about the Sweedish supergroup of the 70's, Abba, containing rare recordings and interviews.
  • Chart Countdowns. Occasionally, I will count down the top ten of either the UK or US chart from a particular week and year. This is not just a straight delivery of the ten songs but it is fast-paced and includes facts about the chart positions of the songs and much more.
  • Documentaries. The Music Machine has become well-known for its in depth documentary programmes. This is where the entire show focuses upon a musical artist or group and contains fellow artists and music professionals discussing the subject. Previous documentaries have focused upon Abba, Carpenters, the Everly Brothers, The Electric Light Orchestra, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, radio broadcasting in the 70's, BBC Radio 1, Radio London, the British Invasion of the 1960's, broadcaster Kenny Everett, radio station launches, Barry Manilow, the Motown corporation, The Beatles, George Jones and the Grand Ole Opry.

Our Time!

Our Time, for those of a certain age, is exactly what it says. Together, we'll meander through music of the 60's and 70's. It's a time when many of us were growing up, saved up money to buy records and enjoyed the music.

Each Sunday at 5 PM UK, 12 PM US Eastern, we'll look back at those decades, tell you about any significant musical anniversaries and enjoy some of the best music ever made!

Contacting The Shows

Do feel free to get in touch at any time! Your input is our output!

You can write to or you can tweet @team_fm_radio. Want to post a message on Facebook? No problem, do like our page or post a comment and I'll give you a mention!

I look forward to being with you each Saturday and Sunday on Team-FM, where great music matters!

Brian Hartgen