The Ten in One Team Machine!

Let us introduce you to Cecelia, she is our all-seeing, all-knowing, ten-in-one Team Machine. At the top of each hour you hear her voice telling you which kind of machine is about to play. As is implied by the name, there are ten elements to this amazing machine.

The Million Machine.

Made up of songs from the year 1955 to the present, we have dug deep into the databases of both the official chart company of the UK and the Billboard Hot 100 to bring you the very best million selling songs from both sides of the Atlantic. You'll hear top class tunes in a spectacular variety of styles, plus the odd surprise along the way. You never know what might sell a million!

The Hits Machine.

Packed with the very latest hits, including up-to-the-minute charting material, this machine has a punchy, fresh sound that you're going to love. Whether you're driving home or taking a lunchtime stroll, make sure you take the Hits Machine along with you.

The eighties Machine.

Flashback! It's the music of economic boom and bust, padded shoulders and big hair! Relive the exciting 80s every day with our fantastic eighties machine!

The Time Machine.

Pure nostalgic indulgence can be yours when you travel back in time in our Time machine. A great selection of laid back hits from the 60s and 70s await you on this great journey.

The Pop Machine.

We've crammed this machine full with thirty years' worth of the very greatest pop. We like to play lots of feel good tunes too, and we make sure, as far as we can, that this machine plays at those important times of the day. We hope you'll love the Pop Machine

The One Machine.

This machine brings you the cream of UK chart number ones, from 1970 to the present. A varied selection of best-selling music, revel in the memories of bygone years and enjoy the best of today's chart toppers!

The Love Machine.

When it's time for romance there's only one place to go. All the most beautiful love songs are ready and waiting for you in our wonderful Love Machine, the best accompaniment to a romantic evening.

The Easy Machine.

Take a trip to a time when the pace of life was slower, when orchestrations were lush and when singers really poured their hearts out! In our easy machine you'll find wonderfully relaxing and romantic music, mostly from the 50s, from both sides of the Atlantic. You'll find it's a perfect way to unwind.

The Jazz Machine.

This music may have been recorded half a lifetime ago, but great jazz lives forever. In our jazz machine you'll find the finest singers, the most talented instrumentalists, the best big bands and small groups from years gone by as well as the best of today's excellent modern artists. It's all melodic, nothing difficult or heavy, so pour a glass of wine and relax with all that jazz!

The Peace Machine.

This is An hour of the purest and deepest relaxation. A mixture of ambient music, music mixed with nature sounds, classical, choral, celtic, folk, alternative and more. One proviso, it has to be peaceful. When it's been one of those days, turn on the Peace Machine and let it all go.

Our Team Machine is always being updated with new music so that your listening experience is the best that we can make it. Any feedback is always welcome, so do get in touch and tell us what you think!

Team-FM, Where Great Music Matters!