About the Station Manager

Lulu Hartgen is the driving force behind the sound of Team-FM. She received her training in broadcasting, and worked in UK hospital radio, from 2000 to 2008. Shortly after that, she began hosting shows on the internet.

Lulu is best known for her radio shows the Bear's Lair, (which you can hear each Saturday at 4 PM UK time, 11 AM US Eastern), Down for Double (which she has previously hosted with her husband Brian), and the Jazz Cafe.

When Team-FM was originally set up several years ago, Lulu was instrumental in creating not only the successful music content so many people enjoy, but also developing the way the music is structured and the excellence of the Team-FM sound, including the sweepers and promos. She also has a particular flair for creating pages for the Team-FM website. She could sell icecream to the eskimoes!

Lulu likes tightly presented shows with relevant and interesting speech content.

Lulu says:
"I've always listened to the radio from a young child and loved the way the presenters talked to the audience and read out song requests. But as I've got older, I see there is tremendous value in plenty of music without too much talking in between the songs. If I'm working, or even relaxing, I don't enjoy minutes of someone talking. What I really want to do is to hear the next song and say, wow, this is a good one! I've not heard this in ages!"

An eccentric and flamboyant lady, Lulu’s surroundings reflect her effervescent personality. She loves sparkles, spangles and to surround herself with things that make her smile. It’s hardly possible to move in her home for her collections of reborn dolls and lifelike baby monkeys. She is passionately devoted to the colour pink. Her hobbies include reading, writing, social networking and shopping.

Lulu loves hearing from anyone listening to Team-FM. She wants to know what you like and what you do not enjoy. So do drop her an email to lulu@team-fm.com. You can also follow her personal Twitter account, @lulu_bear. She can't wait to hear from you!

Lulu Hartgen