The Music Machine Says, Je ne sais pas pourquoi!

Hi to everyone

I hope you can join me tomorrow, Saturday, at 7 PM UK time for the Music Machine, that's 2 PM on the East Coast of America.!

In hour 1, I'll be looking at one of the many compilation albums released over many decades as we have been doing of late. This time, it is an album called Video Stars on K-Tel, released in 1979, containing many chart hits of the time.

In the Vinyl Countdown, where I play a song direct from a single or LP, we hear about a "Livin' Thing".

And in hour 2, our theme is songs which contain foreign words in the lyrics.

Any requests or suggestions for the theme are very welcome, by email, or TeamFMRadio on Facebook or Twitter.

See you there if you can make it! I do hope so!

Brian Hartgen