In the Words of The Temptations, Get Ready for the Music Machine!

Well OK, they didn't quite sing that, but the thought was there I'm sure, and it's a clue to our opening song.

Yes, I'm back with the Music Machine this weekend, Saturday at 2 PM Eastern, 7 PM UK. We've got a lot to get into the show this week.

In Compilations of the past, where we're celebrating some of the best various aartist albums of previous years, we look at Star Tracks Volume 1, a compilation on the Ronko label from 1972.

In the Vinyl Countdown, we have a record at 78 RPM, good job we can still play it. The song comes from a 60's band, who were releasing 78 RPM discs even in the swinging sixties.

In the second hour, our theme is songs which became hits after they were re-released.

Is there a song you'd like to hear that you haven't heard for years? Do let me know what it is, on the email, TeamFMRadio on Facebook and Twitter.

That's the Music Machine, just before the new Inside Track, on the station where great music matters.

Brian Hartgen