Welcome To The Weekend

Hi everyone.

At 7 PM in Ireland and the UK, or 2 PM on the East Coast of America, as usual, Brian D will welcome you to the Weekend. Two hours of Feel good music and friendly banter for you to enjoy, and unwind from the busy week that was, to set you up for the Weekend ahead. The only difference, is that the show won’t be live today, as I’ve had a Chest infection all week, and my voice is not up to scratch. I am on the mend though, and will be back live next Weekend.

You can contact the show in the usual way, and I’d love to hear from you. I will be around to interact, if you’d like to be in touch. You can: Email briand@team-fm.com, Tweet @TeamFMRadio, and TeamFMRadio on Facebook too.

The show can be heard by going to www.team-fm.com/click, directly from our Facebook Page, by using our IOS App, found in the App Store by searching for Team-Fm or from your favourite Radio Directory.

Happy Friday everyone, and Welcome to the Weekend.