It's a Novelty Fun-Fest on the Music Machine!

Hi everyone

Annually on the Music Machine, we have some special shows, such as the World's Worst Records, the Disney special, and others. They will be happening this year, but we start with our Novelty Songs show, 2 hours of the world's finest funny, amusing, witty songs you can imagine.

As I get older, I find myself becoming less fond of the old classics generally played in this type of show. They're funny, but not so much when you hear them time after time, which just inspires me to try and find something new. So yes, we do have the songs you will know and love, but I hope I've found at least a few different little gems for you this time.

The show is open all the way through this time for any novelty requests, so do let me know what you would like to hear by emailing or tweet and Facebook message TeamFMRadio.

So lets raise a laugh in the Fun Factory right here on Team-FM, Saturday 7 PM UK, 2 PM US Eastern!

Brian Hartgen