I Ain't Married to a Hard Headed Woman Called Lay Down Sally!

Hi everyone

The weekend is approaching fast, and for those of us living in the UK, it's a three-day weekend! So do join me for the Music Machine on Saturday, 7 PM UK time, 2 PM US Eastern.

In hour 1, there's a wide range of music spanning the decades, including our feature "The Vinyl Countdown", a song played straight from my record collection. This time, it's a classic hit from 1983!

In hour 2, our theme is grammatically incorrect song titles. Musicians have been bending the rules of language since the dawn of time. After all, the title must look good on the record and CD sleeve, or it must match a rhythm. Sometimes, a certain order of words may sound "more catchy", especially when it is sung. When was the last time you said to your partner, "Love, Love Me Do?"

Take the song "Ain't No Sunshine". Bill Withers might be trying to tell us that there is no sunshine when she’s gone, but by using two negatives – ain’t and no, he’s actually telling us that there is not no sunshine when she’s gone. And that means that technically he’s telling us that there is sunshine when she’s gone. Are you following me so far? Good.

If so, do join me on Saturday to find out more! You can Email brian@team-fm.com, or use Facebook and Twitter with TeamFMRadio.

So that's the Music Machine right before the Evolution of Rock, where we move into 1959, the year that the Lonely Boy gets lipstick on his collar, and every teenager in love is sure to end up with heartaches by the number.

Brian Hartgen