It's Time To Welcome The Weekend

Hi everybody. When Friday comes around, that is the signal that begins the closure of the busy working week. We have that Friday feeling in our bones and we are thinking of the weekend ahead. When the clock strikes 7 PM in Ireland and the UK, that’s 2 PM Eastern, Brian D, live from Dublin Town on the East Coast of Ireland will have the green light for your Welcome To The Weekend to begin. No matter where you are listening in the world, whether your tuned in from the office if you live in the East Coast of America, or if you are in Ireland or the UK where you have clocked off work, 2 hours of feel good music and friendly banter is the perfect way to begin your weekend.

Our regular features will be here for you to enjoy, and participate in if you’d like too, such as:
• Kick-Start. The track that sets the pace for the weekend ahead. We’ll hear a track released in January 2011, that will set the tone for the next few days of freedom.
• The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. You’ll hear 3 versions of the same song, performed by 3 artists. You are welcome to tell me which is Good, Bad or Ugly. This could be a hard one to call? It will be interesting to see which one you think is the Ugly one.
• Weekend Rewind. Taking you back to good things that you did at the weekend in times gone by. The Summer Holidays went on for many weekends, when we all got up to various activities. Going back to School was particularly exciting for some people, especially if you didn’t see your friends over the Summer Holidays. What I’d like to know, is what songs remind you of going back to School? That reminds you of the anticipation of seeing your friends for the first time in many weeks. For me, the School yard was the place where I chatted about music and shared stories with my friends that I hadn’t seen for ages. I’d love to hear yours, if you’d like to share them with me.
• The One That Got Away. A track that is not often heard on Radio. The Saturdays are an Irish/English girl group, who have sold over 5 million records. In 2011, they recorded a version of an Aloe Blacc song, with a lovely acoustic arrangement. We’ll hear it in this feature tomorrow.

If you’d like to be in touch with me before, or during the show, I’d love to hear from you. To request a tune that makes you feel good, to participate in any of our features or simply to say hi, it’s very easy. You can:
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Why not start your weekend on the Station where Great Music Matters, right before Pat Sharp keeps that Friday feeling going when he plays All The Hits. Only on the wonderful sound of Team Fm.