Where Were You in 73?

Hi everyone

On Sunday at 5 PM UK time, 12 PM US Eastern, I'll be along with Our Time, the show where we relive the golden days of the 60's and 70's particularly.

As well as playing some top tunes from those decades, I will share with you historical musical events from the period. Together, we'll also relive the highlights of the chart from this week in 1973, and hear extracts from the news events, TV adverts and movies from the year. Do you have favourite songs from 73? Do let me know.

Also towards the end of the show, we think about teen idols of the 60's. Teenage girls had posters on their walls of the stars of the day, and what about those songs dealing with teenage angst or romance? We'll hear those as well.

Do contact me about the show, brian@team-fm.com or you can use Facebook and Twitter, TeamFMRadio is the username.

So it's back to the year of the three-day week in Britain and when the Osmonds were favourites, tomorrow at 5, where Our Time is Always a good time!

Brian Hartgen