The Music Machine, When We Were Young.

Hi everyone

I hope you will be able to join me, Brian Hartgen, on Saturday at 7 PM UK time, 2 PM Eastern, for the Music Machine!

In hour 1, it's our usual box of delights where anything goes. But I do have the regular features for you:
"The Vinyl Countdown", where I play a song straight from my record collection. This time, we have a hit which entered the charts in March of 1969.
In "Not Now, I'm Listening", where we listen to the words of a song more carefully than usual, we hear about someone who is desperate to be at the top of the charts.

In hour 2, our theme, it's songs performed by children or teenagers. Yes it's always good to remember When We Were Young, as Bucks Fizz would remind us. No, before anyone runs away, I'm not playing Little Jimmy Osmond or Neil Reid.

There are some good songs recorded by people before they came into the world of adulthood, either as solo artists or as part of a group, and as usual in our themes, I hope I've chosen the best of them. Of course I'll give you the scoop on how these songs became hits.

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The show can be heard in lots of ways:
From our Website at, through your favourite Radio Directory, directly from our Facebook page or if you’re an IOS user, simply download our app by searching for Team-Fm. Tap the App and we’ll be there. It’s that easy.

That's the Music Machine on Team-FM, where we'll be a child star!

Brian Hartgen