The Music Machine Says, Bop-shu-waddy.

Hi everyone

Another edition of the Music Machine comes your way tomorrow at 7 PM UK time, 2 PM Eastern.

In hour 1 we have the usual features, and your requests if you care to send them in for any song you would like!

We'll have "the Vinyl Countdown", playing a song direct from my record collection. This week, we go back to May of 1967.

"Not Now, I'm Listening", will also be part of the show, where we listen to the lyrics of the song more carefully than usual.

In hour 2, we focus on songs containing lyrics which are Gibberish. A good example comes from the Rubettes, "Sugar Baby Love". The term, Bop-shu-waddy means very little to you and me, but there are plenty of other songs where some of the lyrics are not proper words, and that is the theme this week. I have plenty of examples for you.

Do feel free to email any song requests to, or via Facebook and Twitter, TeamFMRadio.

So be with me for the Music Machine, with a Awap bop a lup bop a wop bam boom!

Brian Hartgen