Starting in September, it's the Zone with Anne Cosgrove!

We're always pleased to bring new personalities to Team-FM. Starting in September each Saturday, Anne Cosgrove will present the Zone, a weekly two-hour show you will not want to miss.

Anne says:
"The Zone is an upbeat show that really suits a Saturday night! You can hear a variety of songs from the 70’s right through until the top 40 charts of today. I have many features that you, the listener can take part in and for each one you get correct, you earn yourself a point! At the end of the show, the person with the most points gets to play out with their chosen track. The Zone is a fun show and definitely worth a listen!"

Closer to the time, we'll give more details about the Zone, which you'll be able to hear on Team-FM through our website, via the player on our Facebook page, in radio directories and our app for I O S devices!

So do look forward to September when you can get yourself into The Zone!