Our Time is Always a Good Time with a Gilbert O'Sullivan Profile!

Hi everyone

I hope you can be with me on Sunday at 5 PM UK time, 12 PM Eastern, for Our Time, where we go back to the golden days of the 60's and 70's.

Hour 1 is very much dominated by the 60's this week. A good number of significant musical events which took place on 7 August happened in the 60's. I'll be talking about those, and reliving the memories of 1964: the music, memories, news events and the excellent movies.

In the 1970's, somewhere between the excesses of progressive rock and the filth and fury of punk, sat the intensely private Irish-born Gilbert O'Sullivan. When you hear his songs, even if you haven't heard them for a while, you want to sing along, which is a measure of how indelible they are. Lyrically he's able to explore a range of subjects: from light to dark, romantic to serious, while encapsulating everyday life situations. Often the lyrics are so deep, so profound. We all thought we were in for a lifetime of revelations from him.

In hour 2 of the show, through music and conversation, we'll learn about Gilbert O'Sullivan's career in the 1970's. Album tracks and the hits are included, so there's bound to be something you know.

See you on Sunday if you can make it and have a great weekend!

Brian Hartgen