Welcome to the Weekend, I Can't Wait For It To Begin

Hi everyone. We are almost at the end of another busy working week. The weekend is well and truly closing in, and I just can’t wait for it to begin. Tomorrow, at 7 PM in Ireland and the UK, that’s 2 PM Eastern, the wait will be over and I look forward to being with you all, to Welcome you to the Weekend. Broadcasting live from Dublin Town on the East Coast of Ireland, I will have 2 hours of feel good music, and friendly banter for you to enjoy. The only medicine to set you up for the weekend ahead. It’s a 3 day weekend in this part of the world, so the level of excitement is rising.

The show will have features for you to enjoy and participate in if you wish such as:
• Kick-Start. The track that sets the pace for the weekend ahead. We’ll hear a tune released in 2004, by a British DJ, who is dying for the weekend to begin
• The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. You’ll hear 3 versions of the same song, performed by 3 artists. You are welcome to tell me which is Good, Bad or Ugly. I have no doubt as to which version I think is Ugly, but what will you think?
• Weekend Rewind. Taking you back to good things that you did at the weekend in times gone by. Traditionally this weekend has been one of the busiest times for people traveling to go on holidays, at home or abroad. What are the tunes that remind you of a particular holiday that you had? I have some, but I invite you to share yours with me, if you’d like too, as I rewind you back to those holidays from years gone by.
• The One That Got Away. A track that is not often heard on Radio. 60 years ago this month, Frank Sinatra had the honour of having the first uK number 1 album with Songs For Swingin’ Lovers. It left such a mark, that in 2001 Robbie Williams released his popular album Swing When Your Winning. It is this album we’ll hear a track from in this feature.

If you’d like to interact with me before, or during the show, you are welcome to get in touch, and I’d love to hear from you. To request a tune that makes you feel good, to participate in any of our features or simply to say hi, it’s very easy. You can:
Email, briand@team-fm.com
Tweet, @TeamFMRadio
Facebook, www.facebook.com/TeamFMRadio. You can hear Team Fm directly from our Facebook page.

The show can also be heard by going to www.team-fm.com, or through our app for IOS device users, by searching for Team-Fm in the App Store. Simply download and tap the app, and we’re right there for you to hear.

No matter what your plans include, or where ever in the world you are, I’d love your company if you can make it. I’m looking forward to kick-starting your weekend, right before All The Hits with Pat Sharp, only on Team Fm, where Great Music Matters. Happy Friday Everyone!