The Music Machine Says, The Ayes Have It!

Hi everyone

Sexy, angel, beautiful, dreamy, and in many colours. I'm talking here about eyes.

Apart from the word love, (which is the most common term used in a pop song title), the word eyes is definitely right up there. So which songs can you think of with the word Eyes in the title? I'll also allow the words "look" and "see" in this show.

That's the subject for this week's Music Machine. I've picked out which songs I think are the best over the last few decades with these words, but your choices will certainly make the difference, and it's a fairly easy musical subject to get your teeth into. Oh sorry, we're not dealing with teeth here.

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I have a vision that the Music Machine will be on the air this Saturday at 2 PM Eastern time, 7 PM in the UK, at, and I'm sure I'll be right. Don't miss it!

Brian Hartgen