The Best Documentary About the History of Music, Ever!

Well that's our opinion. Do you enjoy hearing about the history of music? If you do nothing else this weekend, do tune into the Evolution of Rock on Team-FM, Saturday at 9 PM UK time, 4 PM US Eastern!

The Evolution of Rock is an epic documentary telling the story of pop music from its beginnings until 1980. It is an absolute masterpiece containing hundreds of interviews, full-length tracks and an awesome narration. From Music's early roots in rhythm and blues, Elvis, the Motown sound of the early 60's, Beatle Mania, the British invasion, acid rock, flower power and the gragmentation of music in the 70's, it's all here, from the most basic to the most complex. In episode 1, we'll begin in 1891 and travel to 1955.

But this isn't just a story of music. It's also about the cultural highlights: from Bobby Sax to bluejeans, from the twist to the Twilight Zone and beyond. The history that kept the world spinning: the events, the fads and the themes of the times are all included.

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So do tune into the Evolution of Rock on Team-FM, telling the story of music that made the world turn round!