The Music Machine, a Call for Action!

Hi everyone

After last week's ABBA special, it's time to get back to the regular format on this week's Music Machine, Saturday at 7 PM UK time which is 2 PM US Eastern.

As always I've got a lot for you if you would care to tune in.

Compilation Albums of the Past. Do you remember two weeks ago we heard tracks from the excellent box set of LP's released in 1982, Chart Action Volume 2? That went down very well, and guess what, I've found Volumes 1 and 3! So we'll work through Volume 1 this week and Volume 3 next week. They are equally good.

Golden Years. This is where I go back to this week in two specific years. I'll play the chart hits, take you to the movies through audio clips, there's news and those TV adverts as well.

Vinyl Countdown, Playing a song from my record collection. This time, we'll be hearing a song from Mud, Mud, glorious Mud.

Musical Treasure Hunt. Hear the songs and work out the musical clues to get a song title. This week we're looking for a big hit from 1964.

All that, great music and maybe your requests. Join me on Saturday! I'm looking forward to it.

Brian Hartgen