We're Jumping into Chart Action on the Music Machine!

Hi everyone

The title of this blog post should not only give you a small clue as to our first song of this week's Music Machine, but also to our review of a staggering Various Artist box set I'm telling you about this Saturday at 7 PM UK time, 2 PM US Eastern. It's on Team-FM, where great music matters, available from our website, via our app for I O S and Android devices, TuneIn, Amazon Alexa, our Facebook page and so many other places too.

I've got a very full show for you this week including:

Musical Treasure Hunt. Put the song titles together to make up another classic hit. This time, we're looking for a very well-known track from 1974.

Golden Years. Playing the music from this week in two years, movie clips, TV adverts and news. You don't have to guess the years, I'm going to tell you what they are: 1985 in hour 1 and 1976 in hour 2. We'll even hear about a stunning computer you could have bought with a staggering 128K of memory.

Vinyl Countdown. I play a song from my vinyl record collection. This week, it's not only a song from December 1981, but it will prompt me to tell you about next week's special show.

Compilation Albums from the Past. This week thanks to a listener, I tell you about a box set of albums released in 1982, Chart Action. There are so many good tracks on the albums it will be difficult to know which ones to choose to play.

Your requests are very welcome if you'd like to send them in, but otherwise, just enjoy the entertainment I've got coming up for you. It's going to be a great show!

It's all on Team-FM, where the music really does matter!

Brian Hartgen