Gone, but not Forgotten

Hi everyone. Today at 9PM in Ireland and the UK, that’s 4PM Eastern, the Dead Cool show comes to Team Fm. I’d love it if you could join me, Brian D, and my good friend Paul Johnston, as we celebrate all those great artists who are Dead, but they are Cool, because of the impression they have left on the music world. Not only will you get to hear their great music, on the station where great music matters, but we’ll tell you about their lives, and about the songs we play.

It will be a busy show, but there is always plenty of room for your suggestions. If there is a track you’d like to hear, from an artist who fits this category, feel free to be in touch now, or during the show. You can send an Email to briand@team-fm.com, Tweet @ or through www.facebook.com/TeamFMRadio.

If you’d like to celebrate all these great artists with us today, there are many places the show can be heard from. www.team-fm.com/click, directly from our Facebook page, our IOS and Android Apps as well as the Amazon Alexa.

Our 4th annual Dead Cool special, is always on around the time of Halloween. Today is no exception. It can be heard directly after the Music Machine with Brian Hartgen, who will definitely set the tone, as he spans the musical decades, on the station where great music really does matter.