Whose Choice Is It? It's Chegger's Choice.

Hi everyone

I'm looking forward as always to hosting the Music Machine this Saturday on Team-FM at 7 PM UK which is 2 PM US Eastern!

We're back to the usual format this week. It's open house, so anything you would like to hear I'd be glad to play for you. But I do have lots of music-based features as always.

I have two compilation albums to review from the past, Chart Wars from the 1980's, and Chegger's Choice, containing lots of those guilty pleasure or novelty songs. Who was Cheggers? I'll tell you tomorrow.

I'll also take you back to two years, with 15 minutes for each year. I'll take you to the movies, we'll have TV, adverts, news, and the music. In hour 1 it is 1988, and in hour 2, 1975.

And the Vinyl Countdown this week is so good there'll be a kind of hush all over the world as soon as I play the record.

So it should be a good show I hope and I'll be there at 7 PM tomorrow!

Brian Hartgen