The Music Machine Will Bring You Some Fancy Footwork!

Hi everyone

I hope you can join me on Saturday at 7 PM UK which is 2 PM US Eastern for the Music Machine, on the station where great music matters!

Do you have a favourite pair of athletic shoes? ?What about a pair of sexy come hither stilettos? When you go on a first date, for a job interview, or you just want to impress, remember that shoes say a lot about a person. And that's the subject of this week's Music Machine, songs with shoes, boots or any footware in the title!

And what about Golden Years this week? It's going to be 1983 and 1974. And the Vinyl Countdown, where I play a song directly from my record collection, we'll go back to 1961 this time.

If you'd like to get in touch, do email, tweet @TeamFMRadio or visit our Facebook page,

The Music Machine is for your ears only, and it's on this Saturday! In the words of Fred Astair, it'll put a shine on your shoes!

Brian Hartgen