Welcome to Summer! Where's the Party?

Hi everyone. Today at 7PM in Ireland and the UK, 2PM Eastern, it will be time not only to Welcome you to the Weekend, but to Welcome you to Summer too. For 2 hours, I’ll be throwing a Summer Party and everyone from anywhere in the world is invited. I’d love it if you could celebrate with me, Brian D, along with my studio guests, live from Dublin Town on the East Coast of Ireland. The music will be Hot, Hot, Hot and the atmosphere will be electric.

If you’d like to get in touch, before the Party starts, or while it is in full swing, you can and I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to contact me in any of the following ways:
• Email, briand@team-fm.com
• Facebook, www.facebook.com/TeamFMRadio
• Twitter, @TeamFMRadio.

Where ever you are, there are many Doors into the Party including:
Our Website, www.team-fm.com/click, directly from our Facebook page, through our IOS App by searching for Team Fm or through your favourite radio directory
Why not start your Weekend off on Team Fm, where great music matters, where the craic will be 90, as we say in Dublin, Right before Pat Sharp keeps the Friday feeling going, when he plays All The Hits for 3 hours.