For One Night Only, Brian and Lulu are Back with Down for Double!

Remember the fun, madness and mayhem Brian and Lulu had on air with the weekly Sunday night show Down for Double? Well, it's back for one night only, tomorrow, Friday, at 7 PM UK time, 2 PM Eastern. Brian D is not able to be on air this weekend, so Brian and Lulu have been let loose with music from the 70's and 80's, presented in their own special way!

As well as the music, they'll be memories of the decades. You never know, if L relates an anecdote, we may hear the "L Anecdote sound", or Brian might say, "Woman I know what I'm doing!" Even Bert will be lending a hand if he's not preoccupied.

They'll have the TV memories in each hour, the adverts, and games. There's Looney-Spoons and even the Generation Game!

There are lots of ways of contacting the show, Email, tweet @TeamFMRadio or via Facebook at

Lets see what happens when Brian and Lulu get together in Down for Double, and remember the opening line to their theme tune? Trouble!