The Inside Track Today

Hi everybody. At 9PM in Ireland and the UK, or 4PM Eastern today, I’d love it if you could join me, Brian D for the Inside Track. It’s the show where you not only get to hear Album Tracks from the Past Present and Future, but you’ll also learn the stories behind all the music too.

Our featured Album is the Joshua Tree, by U2. Released on March 9th 1987, it’s certainly stood the test of time. After its release, the band went on a world tour to promote it. This year, they will tour again, under the title of the Joshua Tree when they will play the album live, in its entirety. Selling 25 million copies worldwide, I’ll tell you the facts behind this great Album in terms of its background, production and release as well as playing 4 Tracks from it.

In Every Picture Tells a Story, we’ll stay in 1987 and look at the top 3 Albums in both the UK and US on this weekend, and in Hot off the Press, I’ll tell you about those latest Album releases.

The show can be heard by going to, directly from our Facebook Page or through our IOS App. Simply search for Team Fm in the App Store.

Why not take the Inside Track today, directly after Brian Hartgen takes us full circle on the Music Machine. Only on Team Fm, the Station Where Great Music Matters.