The Music Machine, We Have it Covered.

Hi everyone

Do join me if you would like to on Saturday at 7 PM UK time, 2 PM US Eastern, for the Music Machine, only on the station where great music matters.

Included in hour 1 is the Vinyl Countdown, where I play a song direct from an LP or single. This week, we hear about a lady called Cecilia.

In our theme for hour 2, it is songs which have been covered by other artists. There are some songs that you don’t truly appreciate until another artist takes them on and makes them their own. Oftentimes the newer version draws out the
original’s complexities in a way you never would have noticed before. Or maybe the first version is equally compelling, but the cover artist delivered a completely different interpretation of it that many don’t even realize that it’s a new take on an old song.

From Elvis Presley's "You are Always on My Mind" through to Daft Punk's "Get Lucky", songs have been covered since the dawn of time. I'll be sharing some with you and telling you about them too. Maybe you'll prefer some of the cover versions to the originals?

I'll give you contact details during the show, but I look forward to being with you on Saturday right before the Inside Track, which this week will be covered by Brian D, on Team-FM!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Brian Hartgen