The Music Machine Goes Crash Bang Wallop!

Hi everyone

Please join me if you can tomorrow at 7 PM UK, 2 PM US Eastern, for the Music Machine!

In hour 1, there's the usual good mix of music spanning the decades, with an 80's feel to get us started.

The Vinyl Countdown will be along, where I play a song direct from my record collection. This week, it's from 1975 from an LP with a title containing a sentiment we must all do, and that is Face the Music!

In hour 2, our theme is songs which contain sound effects. There are lots of these, and I hope you'll be able to suggest one or two.

As an example, the song by Duran Duran, "Girls on Film", contains the sound of a camera at the start. The girl group Shangri-Las were well-known for including sounds in their songs, principally because their producer was a big fan of radio drama. So do let me know if you have any suggestions of songs containing sounds.

You can get in touch by Email,, or send a tweet or Facebook message to TeamFMRadio. We're about to hit a real Facebook milestone, so please Like the page while you are there!

So I'll see you tomorrow for the Music Machine, where you won't hear the Sound of Silence, right before Brian D and the Inside Track!

Brian Hartgen