Welcome To The Weekend, Let's Get It On Track

Hi everyone. On Friday at 7PM in Ireland and the UK, or 2PM Eastern, Brian D will not only welcome you to the Weekend, live from Dublin Town on the East Coast of Ireland. He’ll also get your Weekend on track, with 2 hours of the best in feel good and up beat music, blended with warm and friendly banter. The recipe needed to close out the busy working week that was, leaving you feeling great for the Weekend ahead.

Along with lots of good music and company, regular features will be here for you to enjoy such as:
• Kick-Start. The track that sets the pace for the Weekend ahead. Beginning with a track released in 2011, which is accompanied by a Video showing the artist having a good night out. It’s a Belter.
• The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. This is where we hear three versions of the same song by three different artists. I invite you to tell me which one is Good, Bad or Ugly, if you’d like too, its good fun.
• Weekend Rewind. Taking you back to good things that you did in times gone by. Going to Gigs was and still is something I really enjoy doing. Everything associated with a gig makes it a memorable experience. Queuing for the Ticket, listening to the music from the artist before the Gig, getting into the Venue, the Gig itself and the way home. This Weekend, I’ll rewind you back to the first gig you went too, or one that sticks out in your mind as the best for whatever reason. I’ll tell you my first Gig, the one I liked best and invite you to share yours with me too if you’d like too.
• Team Fm Top Tune. This is a tune that the people at Team Central consider to be an outstanding track that has just been released. It must be better than the rest, to have this honour. It’s so good, that you’ll hear it regularly throughout the week, but its first play will be on Welcome to the Weekend on Friday. Last week’s Top Tune shot all the way up to number 2 on the Official UK Singles Charts. This week, we have another Top Notch Tune, but you’ll need to tune in, to see what I mean.

If you’d like to contact me before or during the show, you can and I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to Email, briand@team-fm.com
Or chat with me through Twitter and Facebook, @TeamFMRadio.

The show can be heard in lots of places including:
Our Website, www.team-fm.com/click, directly from our Facebook page, through our IOS App by searching for Team Fm, from your favourite radio directory or your Apple TV.
Why not start your Weekend off by tuning into the show that promises to give you that feel good factor, on the Station where Great Music Matters, right before Pat Sharp keeps it going when he takes to the airwaves and plays All The Hits. Only on the wonderful Team Fm.