It's The Welcome To The Weekend Christmas Party

Hi everyone. In 2012, I had an idea that I’d love to host a Christmas Party on Radio. Creating a warm and friendly atmosphere, with studio guests, Christmas Decorations, Mulled Wine, Mince pies and a stack of festive tunes. A place where everyone was welcome to come along too, no matter what part of the World you lived in. All you needed to do was to be there, and enjoy lots of feel good music and soak up the banter. All the essentials that go to make for a really good party at Christmas. After all, it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

I laid out my plan on the Team Fm Table, as well as looking for the Green Light from my wife Suzie to use our home. The idea was welcomed with open arms. The party was held, and as we say in Ireland, the craic was 90. I’m so pleased to tell you that tomorrow, at 7PM in Ireland and the UK, or 2PM on the East Coast of America, the Doors to the Welcome to the Weekend Christmas Party from Dublin Town on the East Coast of Ireland will open for the 5th year in a row and everyone is invited in. No matter whether you’ve left work for the holidays, you may be winding down towards that big finish, at home with your children waiting for Santa clause to arrive or in need of some Christmas Cheer, you are most welcome to our annual event. Thanks so much to Lulu for bringing Team Fm back, and giving me the opportunity to host it here.

There are several ways to choose from in order to enter the Party. You can head over to our Website, go directly to our Facebook page, through our IOS App which can be found by searching for Team-Fm, from your favourite Radio Directory and even your Apple TV.

I’ve invited all my guests to choose their favourite Christmas tune, and the same holds true if you’d like to suggest one. To get in touch with me now, or during the show couldn’t be easier. You can Email, or reach me on Twitter and Facebook @TeamFMRadio.

Not only will a fun filled Irish Party be happening, but I’ll be unwrapping the Team Fm Christmas Schedule, by telling you about the 76 hours of programming that will be in store for you over the holiday season, if you’d like to spend some time with us. Why not allow me, Brian D, to set you up for Christmas, right before Pat Sharp keeps the atmosphere going when he plays All The Hits, only on Team Fm, the station where Great Music Matters.