Why Are There Gaps in Our Programme Schedule? Surprises Are Good to Have at Christmas!

Hi everyone

We know that people regularly look at our schedule of shows on Team-FM. Indeed there are even some people who set up a monitor to let them know when the web page changes!
So you'll have noticed starting next weekend there are time slots labelled, "Surprise Programming". Why is that?

No, it's not that we don't have an idea what is to come. It's because, it's a surprise!

Whether you are out and about this Christmas, preparing the festivities, or particularly if you are on your own this holiday time, we very much hope you'll drop into Team-FM for some great entertainment. We'll be bringing you 76 hours of new shows from Friday 23 December right through to New Year's Day.

So, when do you get to learn what's coming?

The man of the moment is Brian D. With his lovely wife Suzie, and their party-goers, the fun starts on Friday with the Welcome to the Weekend Christmas party, at 7 PM UK time, 2 PM on the East Coast of America. Now in it's fifth year, they'll bring you that festive Friday feeling as noone else can. They'll talk to you, tell you about the festive decorations, play fantastic music and make you feel you're at the best party in town!

Brian D and the crew will tell you about the highlights of the special shows we have, including some which are presented by well-known celebrities and radio personalities. After that time, we'll publish the schedule in full.

So do join Brian D and guests as they bring you Welcome to the Weekend this Friday, and celebrate Christmas with the ones you love and Team-FM, where great music matters!

Lulu Hartgen