Your Guide to the Holidays!

Well, it's nearly here, Santa is nearly on his way, and the Team-FM holiday programmes are about to begin! Whether you are wrapping presents, out with family and friends, or particularly if you are on your own during the festivities, why not drop into Team-FM for some company and hear some great entertainment. From shows filled with nostalgia, through to those presented by well-known celebrities and current mainstream radio personalities, we hope you'll enjoy our Christmas and New Year lineup!

Each Christmas on Team-FM, we take a theme. In the past we've brought you some of the highest quality radio drama available. This time, our theme is, "Christmas Around the Radio".

For many of us, radio has played such an important part in our lives. We've enjoyed listening to it and have fond memories of many stations from the past. So you'll find that some of our programming this time celebrates the magic of British and European radio from previous years. For people who remember the 60's through to the 80's especially, our shows will bring back lots of memories. For everyone else, it'll be a chance to not only listen to how radio sounded during that period but also you'll hear in depth stories of the stations themselves.

A small number of the radio documentaries have been aired on Team-FM previously. However, they've all been updated with new material and narration, so feel free to tune in any time!

If radio from the past isn't your thing, there's no shortage of shows to check out this holiday time with festive tunes, the latest hits and oldies. In particular, there are three eight-hour extravaganzas for you to enjoy!

All times for the programmes below are for the UK, however throughout the holiday you'll see these displayed in the schedule on our website in the time zone of your choosing.

Team-FM Christmas Shows.

Christmas Eve.

Our Christmas entertainment opens with all the pop and sparkle of a bottle of Champagne!

2 PM to 4 PM: Totally 80's with Gary King. Hear the eighties show with a difference! Not only do you get to hear your favourite eighties Christmas music but Gary will keep you updated with what your favourite 80's stars are doing now, and his special guest this week recorded a Christmas classic! Shakin' Stevens drops in for a chat.

4 PM to 6 PM: The Festive Bear's Lair with Lulu Hartgen. Join Lulu for two hours of festive favourites and lively chat as only The Bear can provide!

6 PM to 7 PM: Charting the Years Christmas 1973. In the first in our series Charting the Years, Tom Brown takes us back to the days where Slade and Wizard ruled the top 20.

7 PM to 9 PM: Christmas Crazy with Brian Hartgen. It's the annual Christmas Novelty show! Everyone likes to make merry at Christmas, and the Novelty Special is the ideal way to get you in the mood for the day ahead! It's the perfect show for spreading Christmas cheer!

9 PM to 12 AM: Faye Tozer Steps into Christmas. Have you ever had a box of chocolates so huge and luxurious that you didn't know which one to eat first? Here's the musical equivalent! Steps into Christmas is that huge selection box of songs so good you just have to turn them up, and Faye Tozer is the lady opening the box. Faye was a member of the group Steps, so she certainly knows how to have a good time! Do join her for a celebration of the biggest Christmas songs! She'll also tell you what her celebrity friends will be doing this holiday time.

Christmas Day.

It’s a perfect day for a party, and more besides!

10 AM to 6 PM: Brian and Lulu's Christmas Party! Yes that's right. Join Brian and Lulu for the ultimate Christmas party. For eight fantastic hours, they'll have music to get you through the day, party guests, food, drink, presents, crackers, and plenty of chat. They promise each hour will contain something fresh and different, so it's sure to be a show not to be missed!

6 PM to 7 PM: Charting the Years Christmas 1974. The Goodies, The Wombles and Mud were all familiar faces in the Christmas chart of 1974. Tom Brown is your host.

7 PM to 9 PM: David Hamilton's Festive Million Sellers. David has a host of Christmas songs which sold a million on both sides of the Atlantic. He not only plays them but tells you about them too.

9 PM to 12 AM: The Swinging Radio England Story. Swinging Radio England was a top 40 offshore commercial station, billed as the "World's Most Powerful", that operated during the 1960's with a top 40 American format. Broadcasting from a ship in the North Sea, four and a half miles off Frinton-on-Sea, Essex, England, you can hear it's remarkable story in the first of our documentaries.

Boxing Day.

Climb aboard the good ship Nostalgia, and we promise there won’t be any pirates!

2 PM to 6 PM: Radio Caroline, the First Fifty Years. Undoubtedly one of the most successful British radio stations of the 60's, this is the story of Caroline's birth through to more modern times.

6 PM to 7 PM: Charting the Years September 1972. Alan Freeman was undoubtedly the master of the chart in the 60's and early 70's. Here's a rare chance to hear Alan's final Pick of the Pops show.

7 PM to 11 PM: The Radio London Story. Arguably the most professional and successful offshore pirate radio station of the 60's, this is the story of Radio London as told by the people who worked on "Big L".

27 December.

Home thoughts from abroad, the luck of the Irish, presented by the makers of Ovaltine! Tune in and solve this riddle!

2 PM to 4 PM: Radio Luxembourg, Your Station of the Stars. In this two hour documentary, hear the story of the first station to bring pop music to Britain.

4 PM to 6 PM: The Radio Northsea International Story. It's drama on the high seas! Learn about a 1970's pirate radio station which courted both disaster and success. Blocking of the station's signal by the British government, an attempted hijacking, and a bombing all make for a dramatic story!

6 PM to 7 PM: Charting the Years March 1974. Tom Brown presents some real 70's classics including those from Gilbert O'Sullivan, the New Seekers, Carpenters and the Hollies. A chart not to be missed!

7 PM to 9 PM: "Top of the Morning", a Tribute to Sir Terry Wogan. A wonderful entertainer who sadly passed away this year, join Team-FM for our tribute to Sir Terry Wogan in words and music.

28 December.

Let’s go to the movies! Let’s go hear the 100 all time greatest movie songs, presented by a true radio great!

2 PM to 10 PM: The All Time 100 Movie Songs with Claire Sturgess. In the second of our eight-hour spectaculars, Claire focuses on songs which have appeared in blockbuster movies. You'll hear music from the 60's through to today. Claire Sturgess, (an extremely popular and well-known radio personality and voice artist), is joined by many of the biggest stars from the movies, such as Brad Pitt, Kevin Costner, Tom Cruise, Jennifer Lawrence, Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz and so many others. Which song will be number 1?

29 December.

A laser sharp, radio wonderful day!

2 PM to 6 PM: The Story of Wonderful Radio 1. September 30 1967 was a momentous day for the BBC since new stations were launched and some were rebranded. It was launch day for Radio 1, and during a four-hour documentary, we celebrate its first 30 years.

6 PM to 7 PM: Charting the Years August 1978. One of the Radio 1 DJ's in its early days was Simon Bates. Listen to him as he brings you a top 20 from 1978, featuring Clout, Child, Sham 69 and many others.

7 PM to 9 PM: The Laser Story. In the 1980's, Americans brought top 40 radio to Britain once again and, as in the 60's, the radio station came from a ship. Laser 558 will be remembered for the slogan "You're never more than a minute away from music", and for Eurosiege 85. Hear the story in full and relive the magic.

30 December.

It’s a Fabulous Friday!

2 PM to 5 PM: Sounds of the Seas. Discussing the entire spectrum of 60's pirate radio in a documentary containing many interviews and audio archive material.

5 PM to 7 PM: Charting the Years April 1983. Tommy Vance was not only known for playing songs in the Top 40 but also for telling you about them. He does this in style in a fabulous chart from 1983, including the Thompson Twins, Michael Jackson, F R David and Culture Club.

7 PM to 9 PM: Review of the Year with Brian D. This year has given us its fair share of good music, and Brian reviews it all for us in this special two-hour show.

Regular Programming.

Team-FM's regular shows resume briefly with Pat Sharp's All the Hits (Friday at 9 PM), Gary King's Totally 80's (Saturday at 2 PM), and the Bear's Lair with Lulu Hartgen (Saturday at 4 PM).

New Year's Eve.

Happy New Year, Let’s Party!

6 PM through to 2 AM: Pat Sharp's New Year's Mix. We couldn't end the year without a really fabulous New Year's Eve party! If you need someone to host your New Year's Eve celebrations, Pat Sharp is the man to do it. It's the ultimate party to take you into 2017, expertly mixed with the biggest and best feelgood hits. we’ll even have the Big Ben chimes at midnight to take you into the New Year! No breaks, no jingles, just a non-stop party at our place. You'll have a great night. So turn it up loud! Rather be anywhere else? Don't think so!

New Year's Day.

Round Off Your Holidays The Team-FM Tradditional Way!

2 PM to 5 PM: The Kenny Everett Story. He was a DJ, television entertainer, singer, technician and a genius! While sadly Kenny is no longer with us, he is always remembered at Christmas time and in this revised documentary, we celebrate his life and work; from his time on Radio London through to his work for the BBC and local radio.

5 PM to 7 PM: Charting the Years 1980. In the last in our series, we hear a special show from Tony Blackburn, counting down the best selling singles from 1980, including Abba, Blondie, Diana Ross and the Specials.

7 PM to 9 PM: Junior Choice Special. This Team-FM tradition now in its fifth year has an extra meaning since this year we lost Ed Stewart. He hosted Junior Choice, (a show for children still fondly remembered), from the late 60's through to 1979. This show features songs, archive recordings and very special memories. It's presented by two people who avidly listened to the show every week from the early 70's onward so they know their subject!

9 PM to 12 AM: DJ Mike's New Year's Countdown. Join DJ Mike as he counts down the top 30 best selling singles of 2016. Lucas Graham, The Chainsmokers, Drake, Calvin Harris and many more will be there.

That's your guide to the holidays on Team-FM, where great music matters! Thank you for listening to our station during 2016 and we hope that we'll be part of your regular listening next year. We would like to wish you all the very best for Christmas and the new year!

We hope everyone will enjoy sharing Christmas around the Radio with us here on Team-FM.

Radio as it used to be!