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Hi everyone

I hope you can join me tomorrow, Saturday, at 7 PM UK time which for the final week is at 3 PM US Eastern, for the Music Machine! After Spencer James and Pat Sharp have given you the latest hits on Team-FM, we'll go back a few years and play songs spanning the decades.

This week, food is on the menu. I hope you are hungry for some great tracks! Any songs with food in the title, music relating to cooking, eating, you name it, we'll have it. Do take the theme in whichever way you want!

Airplay40 Returns to Team-FM! Check it out!

Airplay40 is the countdown of the biggest songs being played on radio stations across the globe. Broadcast on over 60 radio stations and to an audience
of over 3.1 million listeners, it is the only chart that reflects what listeners are hearing on their local radio station.

Compiled from station airplay, the chart is the definitive guide to what is hot, and what is not.

The top 40 singles that people are listening to, with no gimmicks, just the most popular music on the scene at the moment.

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